14 Rap-Related IPhone Game Apps

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Beat Box Baby


This simple but very effective app will teach ANYONE (yes even you) to impress their friends with beat-boxing skills

And yes, you can easily be one of them. It’s simple…but EFFECTIVE. Learn how to pronounce different percussion instruments, learn how to time your beats, shake your iPhone to make your DJ scratch over your beats, and use the app as a drum machine to kick off any session.

10+ Sample loops are already included to get you started (free version includes 4). All sounds recorded and beat sequences were created by a beatboxing professional.

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Celeb Runner Akon Edition 


Introducing the latest release from the Celeb Runner series with an entirely new addictive gaming format!

Chase the rap crew down the streets and dodge screaming fans. You have to see this to believe it!

Use fun controls to move between all the fans in your way so that you can GET SO PAID!

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Hip-Hop All Star Lite


Try HIP HOP ALL STAR for FREE then rock the crowds with the full version, now on sale for at a limited-time!

Rise to Hip Hop DJ Stardom by scratching and beat matching the hottest Hip Hop tracks from Busta Rhymes, Kid Cudi, DJ Green Lantern, Kool G Rap and more! Hip Hop All Star turns your iPhone and iPod Touch into virtual turntables!

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