When it comes to Gucci Mane, things come in pairs. It often seems that every positive event that happens to Gucci—a hit song, a hot mixtape, a chart-dominating album, a prestigious film role—comes paired with some legal battle or controversy. Few careers in hip-hop, or any other art form for that matter, have had as many soaring highs and crushing lows, but Gucci has shown a resilience that suggests he can battle through any storm. He's going to need that resilience after stirring up the rap world yesterday with his outlandish series of Tweets that saw him taking shots at Niki Minaj, Tyga, Waka Flocka, Young Jeezy, T.I. and more.

Despite Gucci's recent behavior, it's important to remember that Big Guwap is famous for more than talking tough on the internet. He's also a wildly prolific and insanely talented songwriter, one who often seems to write more catchy and clever rap songs in a day than most other rappers can write in a year. Before Gucci was a force of nature on social media, he was first a force of nature on the mic, delivering ear-worm hooks, witty asides and a constant stream of ad-libs over beats from sonic innovators like Zaytoven, Drumma Boy and more. His mixtapes and albums speak for themselves, even if Gucci often feels the need to do the talking for them.

In the interest of giving Gucci a fair shake, we've decided to track some of Gucci's highest highs and lowest lows. Try to keep up. - Compiled by Dan Jackson and Eric Diep