Deer can be very territorial and so can rappers—especially when it comes to merchandise. Yelawolf claims that he confronted Mackelmore at this weekend's Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal, Canada over a shirt with a picture of a deer on it. According to a post on Yelawolf's Instagram, the Alabama rapper was approached for a photo by a fan sporting a t-shirt with a large buck on it. While Yelawolf at first assumed the shirt was one of his own designs, he soon discovered that it was actually a Macklemore t-shirt with a similar look.

The two rappers traded words backstage about the matter. "I confronted him after his set," wrote Yelawolf. "And he said its 5 or 6 years old. And ask 'Are we cool?' He's a fan obviously so whatever... Look if y'all see this shirt out there call it out. 4,5,6 years old don't matter. She was wearing it yesterday. THATS OUR SHIT BE CLAER! POSERS."

Take a look at Macklemore's t-shirt and an example of Yelawolf's t-shirt below. You think they look similar?

[via Hip-Hop DX]