Yelawolf “Confronts” Macklemore Over Deer T-shirt Design


Deer can be very territorial and so can rappers—especially when it comes to merchandise. Yelawolf claims that he confronted Mackelmore at this weekend’s Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal, Canada over a shirt with a picture of a deer on it. According to a post on Yelawolf’s Instagram, the Alabama rapper was approached for a photo by a fan sporting a t-shirt with a large buck on it. While Yelawolf at first assumed the shirt was one of his own designs, he soon discovered that it was actually a Macklemore t-shirt with a similar look.

The two rappers traded words backstage about the matter. “I confronted him after his set,” wrote Yelawolf. “And he said its 5 or 6 years old. And ask ‘Are we cool?’ He’s a fan obviously so whatever… Look if y’all see this shirt out there call it out. 4,5,6 years old don’t matter. She was wearing it yesterday. THATS OUR SHIT BE CLAER! POSERS.”

Take a look at Macklemore’s t-shirt and an example of Yelawolf’s t-shirt below. You think they look similar?

Yelawolf - T-shirt

[via Hip-Hop DX]

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  • gregg tsagaris

    yelawolf should stop drinking or stop with the kush or both its obvious that macklamore was catering to a specific audiance.(Come on man )

    • Dennis Eason

      Yelawolf was catering to a specific audience as well plus the fact that Yelawolf was reppin Alabama and the country before Macklamore even came out. Yelawolf is the better rapper so I say Yelawolf is right!

      • Lawdge

        That logic makes sense.

      • kelseyds3

        Actually Mackelmore and Yelawolf both released their first albums in 2005. Sooo needless to say, Yelawolf has no right to say a damn thing. If he mistakes his own merch for someone else’s then he is just a dumbass. He should know his own merch lmao.

  • Shane MC

    i respect yelawolf great artist but definitly no need for him to get hype because someone was rocking a shirt that had only the similarities of a buck on another shirt

  • Snot

    Im from CO, and fucking hate gay ass fagelmore lol

    • casper

      Ignorant ass people like you are what suck about Colorado!!!! Plus everyone knows a homophobes are usually fags themselves….

      • Casey

        No there is no truth to that by any means. Its was actually some of the most clever propaganda ever dished out to the American people by left wing liberal gay activist. I can’t believe so many people like yourself still use it in arguments its makes you look stupid and brainwashed.

  • B612

    like them both, but really….like yelawolf has a copyright on using a deer on a shirt?! not to mention that they do look different enough that I would think yelawolf wouldn’t mistake that as his…

  • A

    Guess Yelawolf should cry to Jagermeister and every deer ranch from california to michigan too. You can’t copyright an animal head that’s in every Joe Dirt hunter’s living room, dunce.

  • Da Burger King

    Yelawolf can GTFOH crying over merch with a deer on it, both shirts are weak anyway. He still go harder than Macklemore tho…

  • Sonick NineZeronine

    grow the fuck up yelawolf you’re older than that. “beef”ing over merch. I just lost a lot of respect i had for you as a straight shooter. if you’re claiming copyright infringement, file a fuckin lawsuit. This is some bullshit Yelawolf

  • N.

    Lame as fuck for approaching a non-confrontational MC about something so stupid. Macklemore did the right thing and Yelawolf looks like a pussy. And to think, I bought his album.

  • Rack Em

    This makes Yela look well…yellow

  • justin

    maclemore is fucking gay as fuck offense to gay people

  • Raven Vinnie

    Yelawolf needs to grow a pair of balls. It’s a damn deer, who gives a shit?

  • Hugo Stiglitz


  • keepingitreal4eva

    Their are 1,000 of damn deer shirts He trippen of that

  • Josh

    Yeah, Macklemore’s wack ass has a deer on his shirt, big woop. I don’t know why Yelawolf give af. He could burn Macklemore with 4 bars. Why bring that shit up?

  • fuckallfatpeople

    ew why would you take a picture of some fat bitch leave her out of it just get the design, FAT PEOPLE ARE LAZY AND HAVE DISGUSTING LIFE ETHICS

    • Fuckyou

      suck a fat dick…. Have a great day :)

  • disqus_n3exMCx5rv

    yelawolf career is washed anyway.

  • Kevin Whichello

    A deer? A phucken deer?! GTFOH. That’s like a sports team getting mad at another sport team for using an Indian…err, Native American on their logo

  • rob

    bahaha! yela just tryin to make a lil noise..dont nobody care about a damn dear head ..and they dont even look canada is the last place you wanna start beef ehh! lmao

  • rob

    yela on that new shit.. he dont do beefin ..he on that venison’n

  • illive music

    Kadeve is going to get at both Macklemore & Yelawolf over some skinny jeans if both of these guys dont knock it off. check Kadeve’s new album The Bear The Star Da King and see why he wants to confront both of them! side note: please stop all this white on white crime, its ruining the society

  • Scott Free

    mackelmore’s looks like a cow

  • Macklewolf

    Who gives a fuck? This is THE dumbest shit ever.

  • B

    yela sell more records and then u can fuck with mackelmore

    • NewZealandRapFan

      Fooool, just cause the dude sells alotta records, that doesnt mean shit xD Yelawolf would tear Macklemore to shreds, no bs. He can sell all the records he wants, whack ass rapper, go back to the thrift shop xD Youre a fxcking bandwagon fan too I bet, get off Mack’s dick.

  • gregg tsagaris

    maclemore’s says colorado so they were only sold in colorado and i think both suck period but if you think yelawolf is a better rapper he should prove it by dropping a dope album and stop being a fucking cornball with petty beef lol in the rap game everybody is biting somebody

  • MR sir

    Yelawolf doesn’t really care. He was laughing about it during the interview. He’s just making clear what’s his logo. No big deal.

  • MR sir

    Mackelmore is so corny btw. He is so mainstream with his pro gay music.

  • Patrick

    Who cares about a deer shirt. Macklemore is weak as fuck though and Yelawolf is a damn beast. Yelawolf wins.

  • FamOverEverything93

    Yela cant go around claiming shit he dont own