Wiz Khalifa sat down recently with new partners Flat Fitty to discuss his personal style and developing his line of hats with the headwear company. Describing his style as up to date and relevant, Wiz acknowledged being a trendsetter, something that helps when designing a line of hats for his fans.

"The most important thing in developing my cap line for me is being involved in everything through the evolution and not leaving any part out," he said in the video interview, above. "I started out just wearing hats to wear hats, and when I wanted to be different I wanted to wear something that everybody's not wearing, something that's might not necessarily be comfortable for me but I can make it a part of who I am, and it becomes part of who I am."

He goes on to say that music inspires his fashion sense, and that he wants people to see him living his Hollywood Dream as a way to inspire others to follow the same path. "I wanna reach fans in the way that they feel like anything is possible, so if I could say something in a song where they could be like, 'Man, I could do that,'" he said. "Just from them watching my entire progression, they look at it like, it's possible for a kid to just be a fan of something, to love something, to be into something, and turn that into a professional career and get better and better at it. I never got comfortable where I felt like I was at a point where it was like I'm cool, I'm straight. I'm always trying to get better, and that's what I want to inspire my fans to do as well."

Check the full video above.