Wiz Khalifia and Amber Rose's wedding happened over a week ago and it appears that the couple is settling into married life with ease. The two stopped by Hot 97 studios on Thursday to talk with Angie Martinez about the ceremony, the ring and their delayed honeymoon, but most of all they stressed how happy they were. How happy? They both cried at the ceremony.

Martinez asked both of them if they teared up at the wedding and Wiz was quick to respond. "Yeah, it's a wedding!" he said.

Rose also stressed how beautiful the ceremony was. "I don't think you understand how much I love this man," said Rose in the clip. "I cried my eyes out. Cried walking down the aisle. Cried during the ceremony. Cried at the reception. I kept hugging him and crying 'cause I love him so much."

With the wedding over, what's next for the two? Work, mostly. "We literally just got married and I was in the studio the next day," explained Khalifa, referring to his upcoming Blacc Hollywood project. He also discussed his new Converse line of sneakers.

The interview also finds the two discussing the ring Wiz bought for Amber, their honyemoon plans and the pair's relationship with Miley Cyrus. Rose also dropped this tidbit: She's now being managed by Miley Cyrus's mother, Tish Cyrus, and is working on a mysterious non-music project. Watch the full interview above.

[via Miss Info]