Emory Jones a.k.a Vegas Jones one of the most respected and humble individuals I've had the pleasure of meeting is "Home" after serving 13 years in federal prison. His dear friend & cousin Jay-Z a.k.a Shawn Carter wrote a letter back in 2010 to a federal judge offering Jones a position in the growing ROC empire. In the letter addressed to Judge Benson Legg, Jay-Z stated that Emory would start as an Executive Assistant at Roc Apparel Group. In his letter to Legg, Carter noted there long term 15year relationship and believed that Jones' “attributes, including intelligence, interpersonal skills and solid work ethic would be a significant asset for the organization.” He also noted that Jones was an “honest and reliable individual”.

Jones after pleading guilty to a cocaine trafficking charges was sentenced in January 2000 to nearly 16 years in prison. Carter has previously referenced Jones in numerous records including a 2006 song entitled “Do U Wanna Ride.” The record opens up with Jones calling collect from prison, Carter states:

“See I’m the eyes for Emory, keep him alive
(This is a collect call) So every-time I press five
All he wanna hear is his boy talk fly
Up in the fed, and still holdin his head
So when he hits the streets he gon’ eat through this bread”

Fast forward a couple years, Emory has set out on many of his own business ventures and creating himself as a staple figure and taste-maker throughout fashion and music. With that he is yet on another attributing record by his compadre Jay-Z off his latest album "Magna Carta, Holy Grail". The record is entitled "La Familia" in which Jay recites on the chorus "Welcome Home To Emory". Jones’ PMK co-partners Andre Scott and Kelton Crenshaw took inspiration from the record to create a special edition t-shirt in his honor featuring the line “Welcome home to Emory”.

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