Stalley is looking to take his “Intelligent Trunk Music” to new heights with his upcoming mixtape, Honest Cowboy. In his debut vlog promoting the tape, the Blue Collar Gang leader had a lot to say in regards to his approach in music. While he says most music isn’t pushing boundaries, he believes music should motivate people for a greater good.

“Music back in the day used to represent—not only one person—but a community,” he said. “Whether it was where someone grew up or a region, it just felt like that.”

He continued, “You make music for yourself, but at the same time, people are too concerned with the glamour and the glitz of it. I just really feel music is a voice that is God given. It’s a talent that is God given. I want to say things and do things that is Godly in a manner that will help someone.”

Watch the rest of the vlog above.