On a segment on Fox News that aired on Tuesday, the state of hip-hop became a topic of criticism. 50 years after the 1963 March on Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech, rap became the topic of discussion, stemming from a Wall Street Journal piece by Juan Williams. In the piece, Juan compares the poetry and music of the civil rights era to today's modern rap world. He writes "The emotional uplift of the monumental march is a universe of time away from today's degrading rap music—filled with the n-word, bitches and "hoes"—that confuses and depresses race relations in America now."

The segment made a particular focus on Jay Z's song off Magna Carta Holy Grail featuring Justin Timberlake "Holy Grail." There Jehmu Greene, a Fox News contributor, and Ken Blackwell, a senior fellow at the American Civil Rights Union, spoke candidly about the lyrics in the song, expressing their strong distaste of not only of the record, but of rap music right now. Watch the segment above.