Last week Wale released a song about the Washington Red Skins quarterback Robert Griffin III and his struggle to comeback from an injury, so it's no surprise that he's a big D.C. spots supporter. How big of a fan is he? Well, in an interview with Regis Philbin on the Fox Sports 1′s show Crowd Goes Wild, Wale picked the Redskins to win the Super Bowl.

The Redskins haven't won a Super Bowl ring since 1991, but The Gifted rapper thinks they've got a shot this year. "I'm a homer," he says when asked what teams will be in the big game. "I’ve got to go with my Skins first and foremost in the NFC. I think we’ve got a good strong team. And the Patriots."

Philbin then asked who would win in this hypothetical Skins Vs. Patriots showdown. "Forgive me if I’m being a homer, but you know how that is," explains Wale in the clip. "The Redskins are gonna win.”

The clip also finds Wale fielding questions about John Wall, college athletes and his game-watching habits. He also discusses the competitive mentality of RGIII.

"He’s got the same, like, sickness that a lot of the greats got, where they’re overly dedicated, like Michael Jordan.” says Wale. “If you play Griff in Uno, he’s gonna be mad if you beat him. He ain’t gonna talk to you for a week. If you beat him in dominoes he ain’t gonna talk to you for a week, until he learns some new tricks. He’s just obsessed with winning.”

So there you have it. Wale says the Redskins are winning the Super Bowl and apparently he plays Uno with Robert Griffin III. Place your bets now, and watch the whole interview above.

[via The Washington Post]