Tyga Says Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse Inspired Him

Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse is still sending shockwaves around the hip-hop world. California rapper Tyga was one of the first artists to weigh in on the verse, sending out a now deleted tweet that said he’d lost some inspiration recently but that Kendrick’s verse left him feeling inspired. It was one of the more honest and candid reactions to the Kendrick verse. Today, Tyga discussed the verse and his thoughts on it with DJ Skee on Skee-TV, explaining that the trappings of success can sometimes give you less time to be creative.

“When you start making money and you’re touring a lot and doing a lot of things, it’s hard to stay in a creative space,” he says in the clip. “You got so much other stuff you’re doing outside of music.” Watch the interview above.

[via Uproxx]

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  • OSUFAN1307

    Artist should be inspired, hip hop now is about partying, throwing money in strip clubs and whats on your wrist. It’s about time it went back to the bars and lyrically being hot. Slaughterhouse bought it back, Kendrick pumped red bull into these dudes. NOW we’ll see who’s really nice or who’s gonna get fed to the lions

  • BuddahHead

    I bet YG ‘inspired’ him too lol

  • mack

    To be honest I have never fucked with any of kendricks music, and i dont appreciate him saying any of that in the verse. After that I flat out say the dude is trash, and over hyped