After the atomic bomb that Kendrick Lamar dropped last week, it figures that the scene around hip-hop would start to settle and a strange calm would overtake the news. While New York continues to deal with the aftermath of King Kendrick, responses have slowed.Granted, A$AP Rocky thought that Kendrick must be "smoking crack" if he thinks that he's "King Of New York."

Meanwhile, Cash Money Records got the old gang back together at the BMI Awards where Baby and Slim reunited with prodigal sons, Juvenile, Turk and Mannie Fresh this week. In other news, Wiz and Amber tied the knot in Pittsburgh, J. Cole pondered ideas of race and a little known rapper  from Toronto - Drake -  dropped the art work for his new album that had the entire internet buzzing.

This is the week in hip-hop....

1. Drake Reveals Cover Art For New Album

2. Mannie Fresh, Juvenile & Turk Reunite With Cash Money Records

3. Kendrick Lamar Grabs 14 Nominations For BET Hip-Hop Awards

4. J. Cole Believes He Might Not Be As Successful If He Had Dark Skin

5. Drake Gets Pulled Over, Calls Cop Cute

6. A$AP Rocky Says Kendrick Lamar Must Be Smoking Crack If He Thinks He’s “King Of New York”

7. Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Tie The Knot In Official Wedding Ceremony

8. Scott Storch Details His Recent Robbery In NYC

9. Juicy J Is Donating A New Scholarship To Fans

10. DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, T-Pain Facing $100,000 Lawsuit

11. 2 Chainz Possibly Involved In Drug Arrest