Its been a Drizzy kind of week. I don't know about you but here at XXL, we've been listening to nothing but Drake's new single in the office this week. He's not just been dominating on our cubicle's song rotation, either. This week, he's been ruling the news, too. The "Headlines" rapper was everywhere, dropping singles at 2 a.m., showing up to perform with Lil Wayne at the America's Most Wanted Festival and arguing with Big Sean over who had the beat first. All of this and Nothing Was The Same is still a month and a half way. I'm sure we're going to be hearing much more from Drake as the album's release date approaches.

Meanwhile, this is what happened the rest of the week...

1. Drake Releases New Single 'All Me" at 2 A.m.

Drake continues to please fans and annoy disbelievers as he dropped his latest single, "All Me," at 2 a.m. ET Thursday morning. Released in the wee wee hours, Drizzy's  new single features the always affable 2 Chainz and the charismatic Big Sean. It includes moody, atmospheric production from bubbling producer Key Wane, rewarding insomniacs and fans of late-night cable across the country.

2. LIl Wayne Brings Out Drake, Performs “Versace (Remix)” At America’s Most Wanted Festival

A day before his latest single dropped, Drake hopped on stage for a surprise performance with Young Money Chief Lil Wayne at the America's Most Wanted Festival in Buffalo, New York. Previously, there had been grumblings in the wind of a growing divide amongst both superstars' camps but obviously, this should put to bed those rumors for now.

3. Big Sean and Drake Duked It Out for “All Me”

Up and coming producer Key Wane spoke with Revolt TV this week about the story behind the release of Drake's hot new song, "All Me." According to Wane, the track was initially scheduled for Big Sean's new album before being snatched away by Drake for the upcoming Nothing Was The Same. 

4. Jay Z Calls Into Big Boy’s Neighborhood

After a War of Words ensued with Civil Rights Activist Harry Belafonte last week, Jay Z called in to Power 105.1's Big Boy's Neighborhood to discuss the controversy, plans for a sequel to Watch The Throne and his thoughts on today's hip-hop.

5. DMX Files For Bankruptcy, Owes $1.24 Million In Child Support

DMX's personal struggles to continue as the Wall Street Journal reports that DMX has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This is the latest in unfortunate news for the troubled rapper as he was charged with driving under the influence last week in South Carolina, although the charges were latest drop. According to sources, DMX is between $1 to 10 million dollars in debt and owens over $1.24 million in child support.

6. Machine Gun Kelly On His Standing In Hip-Hop: “There’s No Way I’m Not In The Top Five”

Speaking to Boss Lady on SiriusXM, Machine Gun Kelly speaks on the disrespect he feels from hip-hop's establishment and his own opinion on his place in hip-hop claiming that he's one of the top five lyricists out right now.

7. Flavor Flav Says Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, And Drake Are “Not Real Hip-Hop”

In an exclusive interview with Gigwise, hip-hop legend Flavor Flav opens up his thoughts on today's climate in hip-hop claiming that popular artists like Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar and Drake are "not real hip hop."

8. RiFF RAFF Finally Gets Serious About Being Misunderstood: “I Use That As Fuel; Nobody Will Stop Me”

Jody Highroller swung by XXL's offices this week to conduct a rare, serious interview with our own Emmanuel C.M. In the sit-down, RiFF chops it up  with us about his upcoming album, Neon Icon, his frustrations on people not taking him seriously and his desire to not be put in a box.

9. Action Bronson Drops Amazing Video Of “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” Performance At Old People’s Home

For his latest new video, Action Bronson drops by a retirement home to hilariously perform "Strictly 4 My Jeeps" to the confusion and mild annoyance of today's senior citizens.

10. Lil Durk Discusses Issues With Chief Keef, New Mixtape, Previews New Single Snippet

A recently freed Lil Durk joins DJ MoonDawg's radio show to discuss his on-going issues with Chief Keef, his upcoming mixtape, Signed To The Streets and preview a snippet of a new song.