The Essential Diss Tracks Of 2013 So Far

Angel Haze Versus Azealia Banks

Date: January 3
Best Lyric: “Bitch put an album out, I think my album’s more done than yours/And I just started a week ago” – Angel Haze

Azealia Banks never bites her tongue when something is on her mind. She had a lot to say about rappers who fake represent New York, who aren’t actually born and raised here. Angel Haze, who is actually from Michigan, but is now based in L.A., took it as a subliminal diss because she has a song called “New York.” There back and forth continued through more insults. Haze released a song called “On The Edge,” which contained some strong shots at Banks. The Harlem rapper responded with “No Problems,” and then was followed by Haze releasing “Shut The Fuck Up.” Things got awkward when Perez Hilton inserted himself during a Twitter spat and sided with Haze. It led Banks to call him a “messy faggot” and the beef escalated into a larger issue involving homophobia in hip-hop. While Haze called it quits after her response, Banks wanted to get the last word. Apparently, it wasn’t the right choice.

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  • jimbo_slice1

    Kendrick didnt diss anyone just challenged real rappers to bring hip-hop back!

  • NewZealandRapFan

    The Ying Yang twins are whack niggas. Fr

    • Dwahn Denson

      Lmao why are u wasting time dissing Ying Yang ?

    • swagzilla

      ying yang twins are good at what they do. when did they ever try to be lyrical? go back to listening to tupac

      • NewZealandRapFan

        yingyang twins are good at nothing, swerve nigga. go back to listening to big sean xD

  • Dwahn Denson

    Kendrick is the man at the moment in hip-hop but that statement did exactly what he set out for it to do which was to bring more attention to Kendrick smart move !

  • Evan Boland

    Good for Lupe going out that scum Obama. And Gucci a freak.

  • Henry McLees

    Where’s “Sea Legs” by Run The Jewels??


    …as long as everybody knows not to wake up Nas in battle…I’m cool

  • Ray

    SMH….Kendrick didn’t diss anyone…he’s challenging them…Y’all need to do some research