Last week, hip-hop experienced its latest uproar when Kendrick Lamar claimed he was the “King of New York.” Rappers and fans alike had their own interpretations of his verse on Big Sean's "Control." Some said it was a shot at East Coast hip-hop, while others felt he was just hungry to be the greatest MC within the new school. Looking at the bigger picture, he shook the rap game up and brought back its competitive nature.

When a rapper says something controversial, it usually brings the best out of MCs. Throughout this year, we’ve seen our fair share of feuds. A few of these won’t make it in the greatest rap beef ever category—actually, most of them won't—but they’ve given us some exciting and entertaining moments. So until the next statement that causes a riff in hip-hop, XXL complied all of the essential diss songs in 2013 so far. Your favorites, embarrassing ones and more are all here. Get caught up.—Eric Diep (@E_Diep) & Dan Jackson