Talib Kweli is known as a top-tier lyricist, so it makes sense that he'd have some thoughts on Kendrick Lamar's recent lyrical assault on Big Sean's "Control." In a recent interview with Vlad TV, the Brooklyn rapper and activist discussed the the fall-out from the verse, putting it in a historical context of California rap while also picking his favorite response so far. Turns out, Kweli really liked Action Bronson's twitter response. "That was my favorite response because a lot of my fans we're like 'You gonna say something?'" says Kweli in the clip. "I'm like, 'I did. Check my last three albums.'"

The interview finds Kweli in a reflective mood, discussing hip-hop's long tradition of calling out other rappers in lyrics. Though Kweli obviously has respect for Kendrick and his verse, he's still not ready to necessarily crown him a top 10 rapper. "I think it's premature for anyone who knows better to be like, 'Oh, automatically he's number one,'" says Kweli. "Yeah, he's gunning for it. He's gunning for the top spot. You better watch your back. He's coming for you. But there's a lot of work to be done."

Despite these qualifications, Kweli understands the significance of the "Control" verse. "Now is Kendrick's moment," he says. "And he's taken advantage of his moment by ramming his moment down everybody's throat."

He also expands on his somewhat controversial tweet about New York rappers sounding like they were from the South, explaining that he wasn't taking specific shots at anyone. "If I'm busting shots at somebody, I don't miss," he says. "I have no qualms about saying somebody's name." Watch the full interview above.