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RiFF RaFF Appears On MTV’s From G’s To Gents

RiFF RaFF might be a walking meme of a human being looking to court as a much attention to himself as humanly possible so it makes a certain amount of sense that he would appear on MTV’s make0ver reality show, From G’s To Gents in 2008. Jody Highroller appeared as a contestant on the show full of uncouth young men looking to become more gentlemanly than their outward appearances. It appears the makeover didn’t take as RiFF remains just as wild-looking as he ever . I imagine in his heart of hearts he would like to have this one back as he looks for people to take him more seriously as an artist.

  • Renae

    Why would he want this video to disappear this is history it shows where he started and where he is now.

  • larnelle® worl boss

    lool the riff raff shit was funny

  • France Selina Williams

    That chick on Change of Heart is probably kicking herself now…

  • CookieG

    He def came up..I love me some riff raff with his sexy fine ass