Former heavyweight producer Scott Storch has been making a steady comeback in recent years, after battles with drug addiction and a history for making more headlines for his money issues than his musical ventures. Still, he's working hard to regain trust in the music biz, and recently came up to New York to work on some new music before hitting the VMA's in Brooklyn this Sunday.

But on Tuesday night, Storch ran into some trouble again, only this time he was on the recieving end of a harsh robbery outside of a recording studio. According to initial reports, Storch was robbed of over $100,000-worth of jewelry and $5,000 in cash. As it turns out, the reports were true, and Storch went on MTV's RapFix Live today to discuss the situation.

"I was coming out of the studio around like seven in the morning and just unexpectedly, two 7-foot tall thugs came out of nowhere and bam, they got me... gunpoint, yeah," Storch told MTV's Sway. "They said, ‘Give it up,’ or they were gonna shoot. They had the gun like pressed up on me and everything. It was crazy." Still, Storch managed to get away from the altercation unharmed, and he's just happy to move on. "I'm not really worried about losing that stuff, just as long as my family and myself are OK,” he said.

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