Sage The Gemini, a 20-year-old rapper from the Bay Area, is on his way to bigger things. Off the success of the party-starter “Red Nose” and the edger “Gas Pedal”—which have both appeared on the Billboard Hot 100—Sage officially signed to Universal Republic a few weeks ago, taking his career to the next level. The sky’s the limit for HBK Gang affiliate on the rise.

“Everybody was on me and we kept holding off on them and stuff like that,” he recalls during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. “Finally, we came to a good mutual agreement. I was like, ‘it’s my family right here.’”

Sage The Gemini chose Universal Republic as his home because of their careful attention of developing their artists. Rather than focus on one over the other, the label treats everyone on a level playing field. “They have a lot of artists, but they treat every artist like they're equal,” he said. “Everybody gets the same treatment and everybody gets the same work ethic. That’s why I chose them.”

With the help of Universal Republic, he’s getting ready to release his debut album soon. He’s already working out a few titles, but one will sound just right when the time comes. “I’m working on an album; I don’t have a release date right now," he said. "I might self-title it, Sage The Gemini. Or Remember Me because I used to get made fun of a lot when I was younger.”