Riff Raff Arrested On Drug Charges

Riff Raff was arrested on Sunday morning when North Carolina authorities found drugs along with paraphernalia in his vehicle.

TMZ reports at around 2:30 A.M., Jody Highroller stopped in the middle of traffic to speak to a few people walking by. Police pulled over Jody and saw an open container of alcohol. It triggered an entire search of a vehicle, where police say they found “found weed and some sort of powerful narcotic, along with drug paraphernalia.”

The police were not aggressive because they tell TMZ that he was “polite.”

[via TMZ]

A Vine from the man himself for your viewing pleasure.

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  • http://gangstahollywood.com/ TheBigMAnQ

    he gonna be back on the GANGSTAHOLLYWOOD site in the chatroom talking shit in no time lol riff raff is crazy

  • Dwahn Denson

    Damn crack head !

  • seethetruth

    I wonder if that “powerful narcotic” was some “middle of da mall shit”…

  • FujillaTheHun

    Never I repeat NEVER use Big Daddy Kane and Riff Raff in the same sentence again. WTF is wring with you?

  • KX

    Becuz he was white…I mean polite.