Ricky Hil has kept quiet since dropping his free album, S.Y.L.D.D (Support Your Local Drug Dealer). A couple of days ago, Limosa Nostra revealed that he was admitted into rehab on Twitter, which explains his absence in the rap game.

"I need a really gorgeous girl to hit me on Skype right now... I'll marry her... rickyhil591,” he wrote on Twitter. “I'm in rehab give me a break.”

Hil has kept the reason why he’s in rehab private. But, he did offer four tracks for his fans. One in particular is titled “Ashley,” where he spoke about writing the song for someone who didn’t love him back.

“I don't give a fuck,” he said. “I'll be honest about any and everything. Even if it makes me look weak or helpless. That's not the shit that matters to me.”

Listen to “Anime,” “Barcelona,” “10 Years After” and “Billy” below.



"10 Years After"