Last week on the season premiere of VH1’s Marrying The Game, Tiffney decided to let her guard down and extend a peace treaty to Game via text message. On the second episode, we learn that Game has yet to respond, leaving Tiff at a standstill.

In an attempt to mediate the situation, Daphne Wayans (ex-wife of Keenen Ivory Wayans)—who was the one to encourage Tiff to reach out in the first place—decides to go speak with Game herself to see what headspace he’s in. Game tells Daphne that he’s content with the duo’s separate home arrangement as long as they’re not arguing, but with a little push, Daphne convinces him to go talk to Tiff.

Meanwhile, Tiffney meets with her wedding planner, Christie Rose, who called to get an update on her and Game’s nuptials, considering it’s been a year since Tiff called off the ceremony. “We’re together, but not together,” Tiff tells Rose. With them losing the deposits on their wedding and no reunion in sight, Tiff tells Christie that she wants to focus on mending her relationship. “I don’t want to be put in a position like I was last time where it got to be more about the wedding than about the actual marriage,” Tiff says.

Tiff then goes on to vent to her sister Maya, who gives her a little sisterly advice. Maya tells Tiff that a “man is going to be a man” and that she’s going to have to find a happy medium between reality and her expectations. Tiff tells her that she’s trying to come to grips with the realities of being with a rapper, but believes that Game has room to “tone down” his party ways. “He gotta rap, club and turn up I get it,” she says. “But he should be more concerned about the image he portrays to his family than the image he portrays to his fans.” Tiff does admit, however, that she likes the thug in Game—she just wishes he was a little more “refined.”

Meanwhile in Game’s Daddy Land, the rapper tends to his children Justice, Cali and Harlem (a child from a previous relationship). Game acknowledges that spending time with the kids reminds him that without Tiff, his family is still incomplete. The Compton MC shows more of his sensitive side when he tucks his daughter Cali in bed. “Having my daughter changed my life,” he says. “It altered how much I respected women.”

During lunch with his team, Game’s female assistant Lola schools him on how to think like a woman, advising him to consider Tiffney’s feelings amidst the couple’s turmoil and to try to find a compromise. After taking the advice of both Daphne and Lola into consideration, Game finally decides to return Tiff’s text message and even pay her a visit.

Discussing their relationship status face to face, Tiff tells Game that he sends mixed signals, pointing out that he’ll text random emoticons from time to time. Game, the jokester that he is, admits that one emoticon in particular—an eggplant—has an underlying meaning. “It could either mean, ‘Let’s go take a ride and get some eggplant sushi in Hollywood... or it can mean I’m feelin’ myself and I’m like, ‘Girl you know you want this d---.”

Tiffney, not amused, isn’t down to joke around and gets straight to the point, asking Game a series of questions and accusing him about using his job as a rapper as an excuse to do whatever he wants. “You don’t think that what you do affects me,” she says. Game defends his lifestyle, arguing that people demand his presence at events because he’s the “Turn Up King.” Game’s humor keeps the tension to a minimum, and he even comes close to getting Tiff to crack a smile. “I’m pretty sure after the next time I hit it, you’re probably going to make me your boyfriend again,” he jokes.

But when Tiff asks Game to give an answer as to what their relationship status is—friends, engaged or all of the above—he leaves the ball in her court, causing Tiffney to get annoyed. “I leave the conversation with the same feeling that I had when we started and that’s not going to work for me,” Tiff says, clearly frustrated.

Once again, Tiff and Game fail to come to a resolution in their relationship. Stay tuned to see how it continues to unfold next week.—Gerren Keith Gaynor (@MRGERRENALIST)