Papoose Said That The Joke Is On Kendrick Lamar

61. Papoose "Sharades,” Sharades (2005)

After Kendrick finally spoke on the control ordeal dubbing Papoose’s response as comical, Papoose once again has some words for K.Dot. Reaching out via twitter Pap now tells Kendrick that the “Jokes on you”.

Papoose’s tweet came yesterday following Kendrick’s Hot 97 interview. “I liked the [King] Los verse,”said Lamar. “Joe Budden did this thing, Joell; a lot of people with different approaches…Joey had the facts in his verse, a few things that he felt. Papoose had the comical joint. Los was flipping his words and putting that spunk on it. I think he had the killer thing though. Yeah, Los killed it out of everybody.”

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  • Louis.Vuitton.Don

    You irrelevant Papoose. Kendrick was just tryna be nice and say it was comical. Fuck you Papoose.

  • AustinLM

    Papoose was on deck almost 10 years ago. Homie is a bum and trying to feud with one of the hottest MC’s in the game. Get the fuck outta here.

  • young jopey


    you s a rhyme slinger

    but you irrelevant

    kill yo self

  • Alan

    Sad! As much as i would like to say Papoose is a good MC, and he is, he just made himself look like a bitter rapper that never made it big. I think he would do himself justice if he leaves Kendrick alone and worry about his own career.

  • YoungHomie

    Papoose is a broke ass n*gga tryna make him self relevant again lol.
    He will never make it.

  • SJ

    Dickriding faggots. Papoose murder Kendrick lyrically lol.