North Carolina Pastor Fired For Attending Rick Ross Concert


Pastor Rodney Wills was voted out of Mt. Salem Baptist Church for attending a Rick Ross concert in his local North Carolina area.

Rev. Wills was removed from the church when several of his peers came to the conclusion that they didn’t need his services anymore. The 14 deacons met last Saturday and voted 11 to 3.

When Rev. Wills came to church Sunday morning, he was in shock to see his parking sign taken down, as well as his name removed from his office.

“We cannot have our leader supporting people of this world who are tearing down the kingdom of God,” said Deacon Miles Langley.

According to Deacon Langley, Rev. Wills attended a Lil Wayne concert nine months ago. Many of the youth and young adults spotted him and told the deacons at Mt. Salem.

“We know that many saints will have mixed opinions from our actions, but this is not how we do things here at Mt. Salem. We cannot have a pastor praising the world one minute then praising the Lord the next. Period.,” said Deacon Langley.

[via America Preachers]

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  • Ren

    Bunch of snitch-ass youth at that church

    • d-bo

      This is the conversation of an ignorant individual who can’t possibly understand the concept of church and Christianity. Enough said!

      • Evan Boland

        The concept is a fairy tale.

  • Stone

    Fuck that shit church gay-ass child molestors

    • d-bo

      Another ignorant person. Limited vocabulary and understanding. Enough said!

  • travis

    Wow… these are not Christians… they are Cri-tee-ians… these so called perfect sin freed people. Jesus use to hang out with hoes, murderers and thieves and he didn’t look at anybody differently. But these clowns can. i said it before and i will continue to keep saying this… the Biggest set of twisted, two faced, backstabbing set ah people out there are not in the jails and prisons… you will find the fuckers in the Church…

    • d-bo

      You will be the one left behind, after the rapture takes place. You need a mouth cleansing and read Revelations. Let me know if you want to be left behind if you make it that long. Even better, check out what the bible says about hell. Let me know if you want to go there. You may find yourself going to one of these twisted places and dealing with these sick people.

      • Random

        Just stop You really can’t see how stupid and how blind you are.

      • Evan Boland

        If you believe in Hell, you are seriously foolish..

      • travis

        d-bo i’m guessing you are one of those same Cri-tee-ians I’ve been talking about… see the same shit I’ve been saying. what makes you thing i’m going to be left behind… can u see the future? you telling me to read the bible and i have read it many time.. Christ did talk to hoes, robbers and murderers. So u telling me because he did that he is going to be left behind? u need to go read you bible carefully because it was religious men who condemn Christ to die.. not the hoes, robber, and murderers… He walked and talked with everyone no matter what and where you came from. rich or poor and you and the rest of the so- called Christians are forgetting that. No one is perfect and all of us have sin and we are still sinning and have come short of the glory. the biggest set of lairs, cheats and thieves you will find them in church every Sunday. And some of them are the ones leading the flock.. I know being a Christian means not to judge unless u are prepare to be judged your self… Believing in God and to love and treat others the same way you want to be treated.. but you judgmental so-call Christians are so quick to tell everyone who don’t again with u all that they are going to hell. Keeping judging

  • Merri B

    Doesn’t seem very Christian to me to fire someone over his taste in music. I thought this was America. I realize the church can do what it wants, but really – isn’t this just a little over-the-top??? Just because he goes to a concert or likes a particular type of music (or noise, depending on your perspective), does NOT mean that he isn’t a Christian. I guess these are “Sunday” Christians (ie: Christians only on Sunday. They then get their “free pass” and go back to behaving in their usual uncharitable manner). Firing him for going to concerts does NOT seem a very Christian thing to do. Now if he were a child molestor, a lousy pastor by not doing his duties, not meeting the specifics of his job description I could understand this. But what he did was on his own time, not on the church’s time. He didn’t “cut” church to go to the concert. Going to a concert has nothing to do with his job.