One year ago today, Chris Lighty suddenly and tragically passed away, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most influential hip-hop managers and music executives of all time. Today, Missy Elliott, who worked with Lighty extensively as part of his Violator Management roster, released a statement to XXL remembering how he helped mold superstars and laid out a blueprint for successful managers in the industry. Read the statement below:

"Chris Lighty was always a Go getter! He always got the business done and the checks cut. I remember one time someone had my name on a flyer without permission and I called chris pissed off and he said don't sweat it let them keep promoting u for the party! I couldn't understand at the time but Chris the Hustler waited til the end of the night and walked up in the club and Got my money! Matter fact a bonus! Chris was always that make it happen dude! He will be missed because he molded so many Superstars careers. The name Chris Lighty should definitely be respected in the business. And anybody coming up in this business trying to be a manager should look at the blueprint that he laid down."

R.I.P. Chris Lighty.