Michelle Obama Is Releasing A Hip-Hop Album Featuring Doug E. Fresh, DMC And Ashanti

It’s not a surprise that the First Lady takes her fight against child obesity seriously, and now she’s getting into the hip-hop game to help spread awareness. Yesterday, the track listing and a promotional video (above) starring Doug E. Fresh hit the Internet, as Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign teams up with the Partnership For A Healthier America and Hip Hop Public Health to release the album, which features 19 tracks and will include ten music videos.

“We believe that music built on cultural cues can inspire kids and families to make healthy choices,” said Dr. Olajide Williams, founder of Hip Hop Public Health, in a statement. ”Its ability to immerse and transport the mind is a great attribute for any educational tool. Throughout history, music has been a great teacher and motivator, from ABC’s and nursery rhymes to religious hymns and national anthems. It is time to harness this power for health.”

Check the full track list below.

1. U R What You Eat featuring Salad Bar (Matisyahu, Ariana Grande, Travis Barker)

2. Everybody featuring Jordin Sparks, Doug E. Fresh, Dr Oz, Ryan Beatty, Hip Hop MD

3. Let’s Move featuring Doug E. Fresh, Artie Green, Chauncey Hawkins

4. Just Believe featuring Ashanti, Gerry Gunn, Artie Green, Robbie Nova

5. Veggie Luv featuring Monifah and J Rome

6. Hip Hop FEET featuring DMC and Artie Green

7. Stronger featuring Shayna Steele, Jeremy Jordan, Our Time Theater kids, and E-Street Band guitarist Nils Lofgren

8. Give myself a try featuring Ryan Beatty

9. Jump Up featuring Brady Rymer and the Little band that Could

10. Hip Hop LEAN featuring Artie Green

11. Pass the Rock featuring Iman Schumpert and Artie Green

12. Good Living featuring Ashton Jones

13. Beautiful featuring Daisy Grant and Artie Green

14. Change the Game featuring The Happiness Club, featuring Naledge

15. Wanna Jump (Let’s Move) featuring Paul Burch

16. Mother May I featuring Amelia Robinson

17. We Like vegetables featuring Los Barkers!

18. Get Up Sit Up featuring Babi Floyd

19. One step forward featuring Samite

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  • Weston

    I cringed watching this.

    • Mike Agafoo

      I think this is a great song and its nice to know that hip hop music has influence our fist lady to participate in a health awareness song.

  • Michael Burmeister


    Hip-hop has always been about “FIGHT THE POWER” and standing out to me. When we started kissing the Obamas’ asses around ’08 is when hip-hop started dying…we had lost our purpose. As you’ll see with the drone strikes, NSA investigations, the extension of the Patriot Act (which VP Biden wrote), and us involved in THREE more wars…this is sick.

    As long as the GOP and the Democrats are in charge, America is screwed. It’s time for an INDEPENDENT leadership.

    • Kristian

      No Hip hop is about self expression and it has been going down hill since the early 2000′s it has nothing to do with the Obamas

      • pener

        No, actually it has not been going “down hill since the early 2000′s.” Why don’t you listen to some non-mainstream hip hop today and try to tell me that’s true.

      • Michael Burmeister

        I never said the Obamas themselves were to blame…I said hip-hop culture was to blame for suddenly bandwagoning a politician as a whole (which is a HUGE no-no in my book, no matter how much you may like him)…which, in my mind, defeats the whole purpose of hip-hop culture, to REBEL AGAINST the power.

        Reagan is Bush is Clinton is Bush is Obama…and ever more shall be so until we decide to make a change.

  • Diz

    The song was cool up until the rap! Remove the rap and it’s a cute song!!

  • https://twitter.com/KB_116 Mr. 116

    This sounds like an April Fool’s joke.

  • John Williams J-Dub

    I guess we have to have people who will hate on something positive smh

  • Ershell Franklin

    that’s Jordan sparks, not ashanti
    to the dumbasses hip hop started dying in the early 2000s. the nsa is trying to protect your ass. if you don’t have anything to hide then you don’t need to worry. Obama is a great president. is he perfect? no, but no one that you decide to vote on will be perfect. stop looking at the color our presidents skin and start looking at who and what he represents.

    this is a positive message for kids and im glad to let my children listen to it. rap and all.

    • Michael Burmeister

      “The nsa is trying to protect your ass. if you don’t have anything to hide then you don’t need to worry.”

      That’s what the Bush administration and his cronies said…living proof that at this point, the only difference between Bush and Obama is the color of their skin.

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  • Pingback: Michelle Obama Is Releasing A Hip-Hop Album Featuring Doug E. Fresh, DMC And Ashanti