Mac Miller Says Loaded Lux “Ethered” Him On His Own Album, Calls Jay Electronica One Of His Favorite Rappers


Mac Miller is wrapping up his huge Space Migration tour with Chance The Rapper, Vince Staples, The Internet and Action Bronson soon, and his press run for his Watching Movies With The Sound Off is continuing as well. Recently, in a video interview with HardKnockTV, he delved into the diss that Loaded Lux levied at the end of his track “Red Dot Music.”

“Loaded Lux ethered me on my own album,” he said, laughing. “He said all the shit that’s supposedly drove me into a drug addiction and this and that, but doesn’t matter. It’s just something awesome that’s on the album at the end of the day. It’s not like, damn I can’t listen to the rest of the album now that he made these points.”

Mac also spoke again about the rare Jay Electronica verse that popped up on “Suplexes Inside of Complexes and Duplexes,” which he thought was a brilliant subject. “[Jay]‘s one of my favorite rappers,” he said. “Because out of everything people wanted to hear Jay Electronica talk about—there’s so many things he could have discussed—the fact that he just discussed all the female characters in The Wizard of Oz is fucking gold.”

Mac touched on other topics as well, including his recent video for “Watching Movies”—”I just love fucking with people about religion…Religious controversy is tight”—nature documentaries and the emotions in his music. Watch the video below.

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  • Christian Good

    seriously tho….is he wise? just stick to the music man i dont care how many people come to your show, you got a long way to go before ima start caring about who your favorite rappers are.

  • Christian Good

    dood totally dood,,,,yea awesome, he dissed me and ima put him on the album….so different dood….ugh wtf is this crap?

  • Christian Good

    i feel like his life is an after school special….dvd direct to hallmark…listening to this kid talk is seriously like listening to a male version of paris hilton with less money. his delivery is just others peoples styles…its like he does impressions of a different rapper on each track…..then he throws in some bad singing as if its “alternative” or something…..cmon lets be real for a second, these tracks just sound like a rehearsed freestyle….theres nothing interesting, just words that rhyme. he is the…..who’s that chick that thought the chicken of the sea tuna was chicken? jennifer someth…jessica simpson! hes the jessica simpson of hiphop!