Mac Miller spoke to HardknockTV during his current tour with Chance The Rapper, The Internet and Vince Staples and spoke about his friend ScHoolboy Q's long-awaited album Oxymoron.

"Better than Kendrick's album," he said, only half-joking. "My opinion doesn't fuckin' matter, but it's crazy. I think he made a better the end of the day they're both different, but I just wanted to say it because it creates more hype for the homie's album. But I really believe it. Or do I?"

He also spoke on his current tour, likening each rapper to a basketball player, and talked about being nervous about his upcoming stadium tour with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz in Europe. And the ever-busy Miller, out supporting his recent album Watching Movies With The Sound Off, referenced his near-constant schedule. "I need to stop doing so much shit," he said, adding, "I think next year I'm gonna just sit in my house for a year."

Watch the video below.