Lupe Fiasco, Mickey Factz And Astro Drop Kendrick Lamar Responses


Kendrick Lamar started a wave in East Coast rap that won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Nearly two days after “Control” released, the response tracks have been pouring in. Surprisingly, the artists who are talking back weren’t mentioned in the song at all.

Today, Lupe Fiasco, Mikey Factz and Astro go after the TDE all-star. Lupe was particularly outspoken on Twitter when the track came out and addressed him here. “He’s so crazy, look at the little baby/ N*gga you ain’t Nas, n*gga you ain’t Jay Z/ You will respect me, you will reject me.” Listen to them below.

Lupe Fiasco “SLR 2″

Mickey Factz “South Park”

Astro “KONY” (Produced By Statik Selektah)

[via Miss Info]

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  • BrianRaider


  • DejaJay

    that still wasnt shit he still ate they ass up

  • astro

    astro actually spit bars…but he’s nowhere near good enough to diss kendrick like he did

  • madness

    astro beat dope but he should chill

  • Mike Ilmanen

    Lupe is the only one that came even close to Kendrick… Mickey Factz was just wack and Astro is way too young to call “boy”. How the fuck 16 year old boy could be king of NY? Jay is the King.

    • Erick Sermon

      There’s no age preference to be crowned king of anything. King Arthur became King of Britain at age 15. (I agree Jay is King of NY though)

    • randel

      Jay def aint the king he just old, people fill obligated to listen to Jay-Z but truth be told his style more boring then watching water evaporate. Last album trash only good song was a fucking interlude talkin about beyonce.

    • elle curtis


    • Sam Young

      Mickeys verse was dope af. You must be mentally challeged.

    • Spitticus

      Jay Z is CORNY

  • Secret Hymns

    Bottom line is Kendrick Lamar injected the hip hop game and got everyone to respond. This is what real hip hop is about.

  • Secret Hymns

    Now to me the only that “bodied” KL is Fred the Godson. Astro killed it to.

    • randel

      Fred has the worst response yet it was direct but was not creative and took no talent. Anyone could of said what he said. Nothing special about that fat nigga.

      • Secret Hymns

        lol, i feel you fam


      Joell Ortiz sonned the track, raised it, married it off and grandsonned the shit. He’s the only one that spoke on the specifics of what Kendrick said. The transformers reference shows me that he actually studied the track before he dropped it. Everyone else is just spitting bars. I mean, King Los’ was nice. Lupe was…. I feel like he had a stroke mid-way through it.

      • Secret Hymns

        Joell def went in

      • 80HD

        Nah he just started rapping in German half-way through

  • Secret Hymns

    As I scroll through some of these post I can tell that a lot of either were to young, not born or must’ve forgot that in the 80′s a lot of rappers that put out records where Astro’s age. Roxanne Shante was 14 when she dissed UTFO!!!!! Please do your homework. If you can rap then you can rap PERIOD.

  • Mr. 116

    Astro needs to go back to the playground and chill. lol.

  • struggles

    all struggle rappers spitting struggle bars. thirst.

  • Beeznigilayyoassout

    Never heard of two of these younguns before this, kendrick has given them a stage to perform on… Once again, all hail comptons very own king kendrick

  • Mikro

    Lupe came with it as expected but these other two catz need to stand down. STRAIGHT GARBAGE!

  • Simba jeronimo

    lupe sucks, that was RUBBBISHHHHHHH


    The real King of NY died on March 9th.

  • dras

    Jay the king because he’s rich…LOL

  • Sam Young

    1.***Mickey’s verse was nice – artsy lyrical vibe mixed with old school battle verse type ish..and he got at the whole team

    2.***Lupe’s verse was nice – BUT there were parts that were kinda eh, not so great

    3.***Astro’s verse was ”garbage – trash can juice” zzzzzzz ish

  • Tyshawn Phoenix

    Astro’s and Lupe had nice verses imho.

  • truthsayer

    all you are fucking stupid saying lupe was ok or trash he came with fire that none of you can even understand fucking idiots

  • loyal_ethics

    TDE gone murder Micky factz lol he name dropping them SMH they don’t want it with TDE and Ab soul ain’t no joke lol they not trying to see TDE

  • niyahhill

    Lupe fiasco um no

  • 2 Dope Ace

    Man Lupe basically walked away from the game …. Fuck Outta here. He stopped when he was at his highest peak expecting him to be considered one of the best…. Sorry gtfoh.