A few weeks ago, Foxy Brown appeared on MTV RapFix Live to suggest that she almost appeared on-stage with her former rival, Lil Kim, as part of Hot 97's annual Summer Jam festival. According to Fox, the duo were scheduled to go on during Fabolous' performance before ultimately never coming to fruition.

Lil Kim took to MTV this week to address the rumored reunion in an interview with Sway Calloway. According to the Queen Bee, the rumors were false as she denied that there was a scheduled reunion ever to take place.

"We were never ever supposed to be on that stage together," Kim explained. “That was not true. She was coming out on a earlier song in earlier in his set and I was coming out on a later song and that’s how it was. That’s just what it was.”

Further speaking on the rumor, Lil Kim said that despite her respect for Fabolous if she were going to reunite with Foxy Brown, it would not have happened during Fab's set.

“For me, it wouldna been an amazing moment,” Foxy said. “I mean, so much damage has been done so much evil things have been done. And if I was to have that moment, I love you Fab, but I wouldn’t give Fab that moment. That would have to be a moment that God organically put together and it would have to make sense on my behalf. I was the one who dealt with a lot of, you know….”

You can watch the entire interview above.