Life On Tour With G-Eazy

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  • 01_Bobby_Bruderle_G-Eazy_Tour_Diary_IMG_0510
    Walking through the arena. This shits getting crazy.
  • 02_Bobby_Bruderle_G-Eazy_Tour_Diary_IMG_0698
    One half introvert, reserved, computer nerd... One half raging, crazy, rockstar.
  • 03_Bobby_Bruderle_G-Eazy_Tour_Diary_IMG_1235
    "I been through like a hundred cities. Signed a thousand tities I'm talkin millions of bitties"
  • 04_Bobby_Bruderle_G-Eazy_Tour_Diary_IMG_1254
    Signing cakes. Best part of the job.
  • 05_Bobby_Bruderle_G-Eazy_Tour_Diary_IMG_1578
    Young Johnny Cash.
  • 06_Bobby_Bruderle_G-Eazy_Tour_Diary_IMG_1749
    Setting up shop in a shitty hotel room working on the album. With that U87 sonnnnnn.
  • 07_Bobby_Bruderle_G-Eazy_Tour_Diary_IMG_1833
    Camped out writing songs... The jack is always necessary. Vibes.
  • 08_Bobby_Bruderle_G-Eazy_Tour_Diary_IMG_2259
  • 09_Bobby_Bruderle_G-Eazy_Tour_Diary_IMG_4891
    On the radio with the home town legend Sway... I grew up listening to his show, it was an honor to finally meet him and freestyle on his show.
  • 10_Bobby_Bruderle_G-Eazy_Tour_Diary_IMG_4956
    Must be nice... to headline a big ass amphitheater and pack it out all crazy full of babes screaming your lyrics.
  • 11_Bobby_Bruderle_G-Eazy_Tour_Diary_IMG_0173
  • 12_Bobby_Bruderle_G-Eazy_Tour_Diary_IMG_1345
    "throwin thousands in the strip club with drizzy... difference is I'm throwin four he's throwin fifty"

Photos are courtesy of Bobby Bruderle

America’s Most Wanted Music Festival 2013 features mega acts Lil Wayne, T.I., 2 Chainz, Hit-Boy and G-Eazy. The group have been touring around the country throughout the summer. Gerald Earl Gillum, better known as G-Eazy, is a 23-year-old budding rapper/songwriter from Oakland, California that has got the opportunity to be on the biggest tour of summer. The young spitta supplies XXL with images of his life on the tour. Follow him on his journey above.

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