Kirko’s “Drink in My Cup” took the game by storm, nabbing just about every top rapper to appear on the remix. Although many may think the Houston rapper has system to acquiring this type of content, the rapper explained to XXL that he actually takes a quite simple approach.

“A lot of time I get inspiration from the things I see happening around me, said Kirko Bangz when asked where his inspiration comes from. ”Stuff I was going through growing up with my mom and my siblings. It was really my escape from how I was living".

With his undeniable talent, many are also quick to think that Kirko always knew he would end up rapping but shockingly he explains that this was a decision that came later in life. “I went to college to network. I went for the girls. I was in my third year and I was like I’m going to go fledge into music and dropping everything else. “

As far as his rise to the top Kirko does not hesitate giving Houston the credit for putting him on. “I had a buzz in my city. They felt it”, explained the freshmen.

The driven young emcee also has high hopes for his future stating, “In a couple of months, I’m going to be on the XXL cover one deep”.

Check out the clip above!