With the second part of the final season of Breaking Bad officially under way (its first episode aired last night), fans and followers of the epic crime drama are sad to see the end of one of the most celebrated TV shows in recent history. Meanwhile, through its five year run, the program has picked up an unlikely group of fans in hip-hop artists, who seem to either identify or empathize with the show's protagonist, Walter White. So, in order to ride out the final installments of Breaking Bad and celebrate the series, XXL has teamed up with Atlanta native (and one half of Run The Jewels) Killer Mike to recap each episode. Check out our e-mail convo with Mike below, and stay tuned for his weekly recaps.

XXL: So first off, tell me about your experience as a fan of Breaking Bad. Were you a Day 1 fan? What about the show what made you stay with it for 5 seasons?

Killer Mike: I'm a day two fan. A good friend told me about it and I saw Wendy Day tweet about it. Had to check it out and boyyyeeeee what a ride.

Looking back at the first half of season 5, what shocked you? What did you expect coming into the second half? 

I never expected the Walt vs Hank climax to start the season. I mean usually TV does the expected and drags you. The final "Tread Lightly" was perfect, unexpected and lethal. Walt has become what he feared and admired... Gus.

Tell me your thoughts on last night's episode. 

Walt (like Mike knew) now knows he is Gus. He is the loneliest man on Earth. Every one fears him and when every one is petrified of you, you become the target or the tyrant Walt is now. Tyrants have no friends and Jesse knows that.

What do you think the homeless guy did with that stack of bills Jesse gave him? 

The homeless guy hid that money and sat and thought long and hard. If he gets caught with that, he will be robbed and killed. Maybe he has the same issue as Jesse now. What the fuck do I do with all this CASH?!

How do you see the rest of this season playing out? Do you think Walt is going to die?

I don't know what's next. I don't see Walt and his wife making it. I see Hank dead and possibly and probably Walt. Walt by the hands of Russians or the Euro cartel, based on his new issues. But I'm reaching on what I think 'cause I'm high and shit.