With the second part of the final season of Breaking Bad under way, fans and followers of the epic crime drama are sad to see the end of one of the most celebrated TV shows in recent history. Meanwhile, through its five year run, the program has picked up an unlikely group of fans in hip-hop artists, who seem to either identify or empathize with the show’s protagonist, Walter White. So, in order to ride out the final installments of Breaking Bad and celebrate the series, XXL has teamed up with Atlanta native (and one half of Run The Jewels) Killer Mike to recap each episode. Check out our over-the-phone convo with Mike about last night's episode below.

XXL: What do you think the symbolism was of the toy car outside of Hank's house? 
It was a Lamborghini or something if I'm not mistaken, right? [Laughs] I'm still trying to figure that one out. You typically think of drug dealers as highfalutin, high-flying, stylin' and profilin', but [Walt] is the antithesis of that. He's more like the typical kingpin with his quiet discretion, but it looks like the car was kind of going haywire and it was juxtaposed with what his reality is. But I know the color yellow symbolizes trouble is coming. I knew death was coming because of that yellow.

Do you think it was a good idea for Walt to hide his money in the desert? 
I think it's a great idea for Walt to have moved the money because Skyler is, was and will always be the x-factor. You can't really put your finger on what that white woman gonna do next. [Laughs] She's a variable, even more so than Jessie, because Jessie is just guilt-ridden and overly sensitive and we're kind of accustomed to him doing stupid shit. But Skyler's inconsistency scares the shit out of me. If I was Walt, I would've moved the money and not told anybody either.

Should Marie have taken Skyler's baby? 
I think that's the typical, self-righteous, middle class WASP response. I think that's what that culture of people does, even after they just put you out with the baby. "You and the baby gotta go, but then I want the baby back because you with Walt." I think it's rather self-righteous of her sister, considering her sister is a lightweight shoplifter, liar and conniver herself. That really is the pyrex dish calling the other one clear.

What do you think is going to happen in Hank's interrogation of Jessie? 
Nothing's gonna happen because Hank realizes everything he has is substantial. He realizes that if he's gonna point the finger at his brother-in-law without substantial proof, he's probably going to get laughed out of the agency or get looked at as though he was somehow a culprit with Walt. So he's trying to figure out how to nail Walt's ass to the wall and walk out of his job a hero. He's gonna try to turn Jessie, but I think Jessie has to die. I want to see Jessie dead in the immediate, because I want Walt to get away.

Do you think Skyler's fate is in danger? Do you think Walt might kill her in the next episode?
If you read my Twitter, you would see that I suggested that Walt kill Hank, Hank's wife and Skyler. And Jessie. In order to be Gus, you gotta be Gus all the way.

What are you expecting in the next episode? 
I don't fucking know. And that's why this show is great.