Kendrick Lamar Wants To Work With Drake, Again


Kendrick Lamar might have stated his desire to “murder” him in the rap game on his buzz-heavy guest verse on Big Sean’s “Control”  but K. Dot stil wants to get back into the lab with one of his lyrical victims.

In a recent interview with, the Compton MC declared his desire to work with Drake on his upcoming third album, Nothing Was The Same, due out on September 17.

‘”God willing,” he said when asked if he will appear on Drake’s new album . “Hopefully.”

The duo already have a successful history of meaningful collaborations, appearing on each other’s latest albums and teaming up on hit singles like Kendrick’s “Poetic Justice” and A$AP Rocky’s “Fuckin’ Problems.” Last year, Drake even brought Kendrick along with A$AP Rocky on his Club Paradise Tour across the country.

When asked if he was planning a Watch The Throne-like album with Drake, Kendrick responded with a chuckle that he did not think that there was an album coming down the pike but admitted that it would certainly be something to hear.

That would be crazy, right?” Lamar said. “Nobody ever asks me that. But I don’t think we could do that because it’s already been done. [We'll] probably have to try and do something new.”

Also in the interview, Kendrick spoke about his desire to become a screenwriter, the tentative plans for his new album and his overall writing process. You can find the full interview in the link below.


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  • Tyler Collier

    i’m still waiting on the j. cole kendrick collabo album what the hell happened to that

    • TCUpdater


  • Pralum Chile

    The song is already out forbidden fruit is the name personally I’m not a fan of the song

    • Kas

      We’re talking about the album/tape not just a song. Kendrick was only on the hook in that song btw.

  • elle curtis


  • Son

    This boy bit the hand that feeds him …Hope Drake opens his eyes & never helps anyone again unless they are signed to his label. How can he even see Drake as a competition when Drake put him on the map & was the first pers to believe him, take care album & his concert etc plus his biggest song ft Drake SMH. ‘For real
    Some nobody started feelin’ himself’ huh???? No one can complete with Drake versatility/his achievement & let see if he still around in 5 years.

    • JC

      u dont get it… gtfo

    • Billy’s Kingdom

      the only people who should offended are the people WEREN’T mentioned in the song. if you’re not the legends, but were mentioned means you’re in a small group of rappers that are killing it now, and that is kendrick’s competition. = it was a shout out

    • TCUpdater

      Please get out. It’s obvious you’re a hard pressed Drake fan and didn’t even listen to Lamar’s lyrics. By the way, I believe it was Dre who helped Kendrick get mainstream, not Drake.

  • Kas

    fucc Drizzy Fake, Wassup with the Cole Collab