In the world of celebrity gossip, the biggest "get" over the last few months was the grand unveiling of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's new baby, North West, to the public. There were reports that the couple turned down millions of dollars for the photos, that they were seeking the cover of Vogue and that they were planning to release the photos via social media. However, the mystery will soon be over as Kanye West is planning to reveal the photos of his daughter, North, on his future mother-in-law's Kris Jenner's television show tomorrow.

Kanye West is scheduled to appear on Kris this Friday and according to reports, the big reveal of his daughter's photos will be announced as part of a candid interview.

Earlier today, footage of his interview with Kris Jenner was released to the public and in it, we find Kanye speaking candidly about his headline-making relationship with Kim perhaps for the first time, ever.

"I could have people saying, 'This is going to damage your credibility as an artist or a designer,'" West told Kris during his interview. "And I say, 'I don't care. I love this woman.' Or someone could say, 'When the paparazzi surround you, everyone knows you don't like the paparazzi. Why would you be with this person?' And I'm saying, 'I'm being with this person because I love this person and she's worth it to me."

You can watch a brief clip of the interview above. Kanye Will west will appear on Kris tomorrow on Fox. Check your local listings.

[Via TMZ]