Kanye West Performs “Blood On The Leaves” at 2013 MTV Video Music Awards (Video)

Kanye gave the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards a more somber note by performing his “Blood On The Leaves.”

Yeezus performed the cut after a very overwhelming intro by actor Jared Leto, comparing the rapper to a god. Amid a woods-inspired backdrop, the rapper rapped much of the song while in black silhouette.

The song features a sample from Billie Holiday’s song “Strange Fruit” about lynchings in America. Interestingly, nearly 50 years ago today marks the date of the historic March on Washington, a key date in civil rights history.

‘Ye tweeted a photo of trees with the caption “BLOOD ON THE LEAVES” following his performance.

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  • an

    how can you perform a song that’s 100% autotuned rofl

    • Rob

      Your point?… The man has talent. Stop hating.

      • vipa567

        if he’s so talented he shouldn’t need autotune

        • commonsense

          no offense…but that was just stupid and it makes no sense

      • Untitled

        If you consider Yeezus talent, then you have no idea what talent is!

        • commonsense

          so….Basically if ppl don’t like what you like then anything that they may like is considered to be…..idiotic, just asking

      • an

        Except Blood on the Leaves is easily one of the worst songs on Yeezus. Blood on the Leaves is so well produced it’s a shame that the song was ruined by a shitty autotune effect. If he actually sang then it’d be so much more emotive rather than feel like thoughtless robotic drivel over a catchy trap beat. If you think anything past New Slaves is good then rofl ok. Go listen to Doris minus the opening track and then there’s a good album.

  • deja

    @ an what… jealous ? he made more money than u can count and y u hating ? everything he said was true. The CD sold

    • an

      Because how good a CD sells is 100% indicative of it’s quality. And Twilight was an uncontested masterpiece. What? Did you just graduate from grade school or something?

  • Emily

    I would really like to have heard him sing without the ‘autotune’ effect. It would have been more meaningful.