In an interview with Billboard, Juicy J revealed that his smash stripperrific anthem, "Bandz A Make Her Dance," was initially intended to be a love song after he initially heard the beat.

"The beat reminded me of some Quiet Storm shit… it starts so slow, and it's really melodic," Juice Man told Billboard. ""A lot of times when I'm recording, I smoke weed, I freestyle, and if I'm trying to get that last bar or that ending of the song, I'll go to the bathroom, because I always come up with shit in the bathroom. I mean, I've written many, many songs in the bathroom."

Speaking on the dissolution of Three 6 Mafia, the Oscar-winning group that made him famous, Juicy also revealed why the group eventually fell apart. Unwanted artistic suggestions were the culprit that Juicy pointed out that caused the group to fray.

"The record label was like, 'You should do this pop song,' and I was like, 'But that's not what we started with,'" Juicy J says."

Industry Rule #4081: Don't ask Juicy J to make a pop song.