Joey Bada$$ Says Pro Era Is Blacklisted From New York Radio


Buckshot might think that he is the future of New York hip-hop but Joey Bada$$ is finding radio stations in New York are cool to his music. In a rant on Twitter yesterday, the 2013 XXL Freshman complained about New York radio stations refusing to play his music on air.

“My city got no love for me.” Joey tweeted.  ”You never hear the ERA on the radio… shit is depressing.”

Bada$$ also went on to allege that Peter Rosenberg of New York’s famed Hot 97 has stopped spinning him on the radio because earlier this summer, he shouted out rival hip-hop station, Power 105.1, on his song, “Death Of Yolo.”

In a since deleted tweet, Joey sent these comments out to fans: “Eye heard @Rosenbergradio dont bump me no more cuz eye shouted out 105.1 on death of yolo lmao.”

Although, Joey Bada$$ has since deleted the tweet accusing Hot 97 of refusing to play his music, you can see  the rest of Joey Bada$$’s tweets below.

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  • nikkkas

    this nigga makes good music but he bitches waaayyyyy to much and he always deletes them if you really stand for something don’t delete them if that how you really feel. this nigga is a cyber crybaby he like awww new York don’t like me new York don’t fuck with me the radio hates me cause I shouted a different radio like my nigga shut the fuck up. you drop two mixtapes and most of the song have no hook like why would expect to get on the radio and the ERA wont get played cause they have no buzz and hardly put out music. and lastly stop complaining and just make good music Kendrick had 5 projects out before he really blew up with good kid maad city and got on the radio so master your craft and youll get on the radio for the right reasons. but tbh what would expect from a teenager I think we forget he barley turn 18.

    • anon

      1999, Peep the aprocalypse, and Summer Knights are 3 projects out BEFORE his debut album coming this Fall. He already has enough material to be on the radio yet you keep forgetting he hasn’t signed to a major. Radio is ruining hip hop with this hook to hook bullshit.

      • fuckwithmeyouknowigotit

        Agreed, but one thing I will say is that too much of his stuff sounds too similar.
        Also, he’s super lyrical, but sometimes without a lot of significance/relevance.
        Great being a ‘wordsmith’, but a lot of the time I’m actually thinking:
        “Yeah, but what are you saying/what’s your point?”
        Lastly, it is shit that radio want hooks and stuff, but it’s always been the same.
        That’s probably why he doesn’t get enough spins?
        Genuinely not hating; really do like the kid.
        Just my 2 cents.