Turn up your nose high society. Last night, before premiering his video for “Picasso Baby” exclusively on HBO, Hov chopped it up with Bill Maher and his panel on Real Time with Bill Maher. Hov touched on a number of topics including his ongoing spat with Harry Belafonte who recently expressed that he would like to have a sit-down with the rapper after being named check by Hov on Magna Carta Holy Grail. Referring to disparaging comments the activist made about Jigga’s perceived lack of philanthropic efforts in a 2012 interview, which started the misunderstanding, Jay said, “I didn’t think it was the correct venue. If it was something that was a real problem I’m not that difficult to find. Especially to someone of that stature. He can reach out to me and we can have a conversation and we can do some good together. It was a bit grandstanding to me.”

Speaking on the upper echelon feel of his new album, Jigga talked about his strive for greatness and how that is sometimes misunderstood. “If you have the audacity to compare yourself to any of the greats that came before you, if you say, ‘Just like Obama I’m this, or I'm like Picasso,’ it’s almost like blasphemous for you to say. What are we doing this for? You want to be known as the great. You want to be known as the greatest of all time. That’s never going to happen if you don’t see yourself first.”

Jay also speaks on wanting Obama to induct him into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible and opens up about politics in the African American community and more.

Check out the entire interview, via Yardie, below.