Jay Z Reunites With Dame Dash

Jay Z Dame

After building an empire together in the 1990s, Jay Z and Dame Dash split for good in September 2005 after a decade-long business relationship concluded. Since then, the duo’s relationship has been cool if existing at all. The Roc-A-Fella founders have not been photographed together in years but that all changed last night.

While attending a mutual friend’s birthday party last night,  Jay Z and Dame Dash posed for pictures together. The duo was seen smiling widely and appeared to be in good spirits. The photos were posted on Instagram this morning.

Although, they have not worked together in years, the former partners have started to open up about the current state of their relationship in recent times. A week ago, Jay Z said on the Breakfast Club that “the love is still there” regarding Dash. While, Dash reacting over Instagram last month said “In the barber shop listening to jays new album….I can’t front… I still like hearing him pop shit cause I know he’s telling the truth…proud to be be a part of that..#bittersweet [sic].”

You can see the photos below.





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  • Peso

    thats big, about damn time …hope Hov give Dame a couple m’s to get back on track lol
    wish Dame could get back to that cocky, say whatever whenever, business man persona… him and Diddy is like to 2 coolest CEO’s ever. The reason I even care about label heads is beacause of them 2 and Russell, Lyor etc.

    • ElusiveOne


    • novah

      Forreal. Jay said it best: ” if every nigga in your clique is rich your clique is rugged, nobody would fall cause everyone would be each others crutches “

  • Kevin Whichello

    I remember Dame said he saw Jay in the elevator at the building where Def Jam is at (when Jay was pres.). And Jay didn’t say one word to him