Jay Z “Picasso Baby” (Video)

Art in motion. Last night, following his appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, Hov unveiled the much hyped visual for “Picasso Baby.” Shot last month at the Pace Gallery in NYC, the 10-minute vid includes a slew of cameos from artists, actors and just random people watching and participating with Jay as he performs the track off his recent album Magna Carta Holy Grail. “You are in a smaller venue it’s a bit more intimate. So, you get to feel the energy of the people,” Jay explained. Directed by Mark Romanek who recently called Jigga an “icon of our era.”

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  • Drew Emmerson

    This is just all so extra. It’s just a fucking song. The obsession w/ rappers trying to elevate themselves beyond the ghetto by constantly referring to their music as ‘art’ is beyond annoying. IT IS NOT THAT SPECIAL. Jay has now mentioned Basquiat (a graffiti artist who also did things like mixtape covers – this guy is NOT fucking Picaso) more than 27 times in his songs. GET OVER IT.

    • Proper Artist

      Couldn’t agree more. These people jumping on old ideas and calling it ART … is hilarious.

      • diamond district

        appropriation is art

    • Art critic

      Art is unique, its in pictures, videos and writing. What he did in the video is unique and so it might not be art but he did it artistically. Give credit wheres due, and yes its a fucking good song.

      • Drew Emmerson

        In your opinion, not in mine.

      • JonRalphs

        The song isn’t great, but to someone it is. To someone ^ this is art to others it isn’t. The concept of the video is cool I guess. Whole album wasn’t even mediocre at best.

    • Guest

      lol if you refer to music (which by the way is an art form if you didnt know) as “just a fucking song” then its obvious you have no idea as to what art even means or is. Jay Z molds both worlds together Basquiat and Picasso. He started in the streets and now he’s performing in art galleries filled with celebrities and other people who appreciate the modern arts. His career is a living example of what the evolution of art is, and how there is no borders when it comes to music.

      • Drew Emmerson

        You’re the exact type of faggot I’m talking about – get out of my hiphop

        • ihatehater

          Oh he is a faggot because your definition of art is not same as his??? You sir area moron who has insecurities and is over compensating for it through means of street hardness and insults. You don’t know hip hop sucka

          • Drew Emmerson

            Hey, fag supporter, I have an idea, and it involves you fucking off. HipHop wants nothing to do with your kind.