Jay Electronica Thinks “Control” Is Good For Hip-Hop


As the hip-hop community continues to digest the aftermath of Kendrick’s corner-claiming guest verse on Big Sean’s “Control,” the other guest rapper on the track emerges from the shadows t0 offer his thoughts on this instant classic song. In a new interview, the enigmatic Jay Electronica spoke with Revolt TV about the song and what it means to hip-hop.

“I like the song and the stir it’s causing,” Jay Elect told Revolt about the controversial track. “It’s good for rap music.”

Due to Kendrick’s brazen audacity, “Control” has become the topic across the music world. Garnering tweets and responses from a bevy of indignant lyricists across the country, “Control” has ruffled feathers amongst many of hip-hop’s elite but not amongst one of Kendrick’s co-conspirators on the track who is enjoying the attention the song is getting.

Jay Electronica also spoke a little about how the song came together. According to Jay Elect, Big Sean approached him months prior to the release of the song for a verse on his upcoming album, Hall Of Fame. He was not even aware that Kendrick was going to be on the song until a few days before the song’s release.

“A month or two ago, Big Sean asked me to be on this record with him for his album. He had a demo hook on it at the time. I did my verse and sent it back,” the Roc Nation rapper offered. “I found out a couple days before it was released that Kendrick had put a verse on it.”

Big Sean’s Hall Of Fame comes out on August 27.

[Via Revolt TV]

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  • Alex

    Hall of FAME
    come on man you’re writing for an international Hiphop publication, get the album names right.

  • Samuel J.

    can’t make the same mistake twice in the same article Fame not Game, jeez

  • JC

    how does somebody not see the difference between “to” and “t0″ immediately after typing it? this is terrible…

  • Pete Concrete

    Even though my heart almost broke when Jay decided to make a deal with the biggest of all devils: Roca, it is good to see that my man Electro-on gets a lil bit of shine in theese pages. Sick of cover stories bout Cash Money, Waka, Yela and other bulls**t (c)rappers when there is REAL talent out there. Bring Sean Price, R.E.K.S. & Roc Marciano to the front… or is XXL all bout pop and money now a days? Wondering if Wu-Tang would even be noticed by any one else than Chairman Mao, had they come out these days…? Even Kweli is going pop on his new LP… sad sad. Bring REAL RAP back!