In July, retired Queens rapper/producer, J-Zone, announced his plans to release his first new album in almost a decade. Entitled  Peter Pan Syndrome, J-Zone is returning to rap after becoming a celebrated writer after releasing his critically acclaimed autobiography, Root For The Villain: Rap, Bullshit & A Celebration Of Failure, in 2011. The book hilariously chronicles Zone's brief but memorable rap career as an independent artist in the 2000s that did not quite fit in.

In a press release put on his personal website this week, Zone offers his reasons for returning to rap after vowing to quit forever after his career flamed out a decade prior.

"Inspiration always knocks on the door when you’re trying to get some sleep." J-Zone wrote. "That’s the only explanation I’ve got for returning to being a recording artist after my well-documented and firm retirement from the music business in 2009. I didn’t think there was a snowball’s chance under Paula Deen's ass that I’d ever make another rap record again, but every Jay-Z needs a broke cousin counterpart like J-Zone to return to a (much) more modest rap arena after sworn retirement."

According to his website, the new album will be released on limited cassette tape , digital download, and limited run of CDs. A small run of vinyl is a possibility for later in the year, but not confirmed yet.

Peter Pan Theory will be available in September and  is scheduled to feature Has-Lo, Celph Titled, Breezin' Brew and Old Maid Entrainment favorite, Al-Shid.

[Via HipHopDX]