An online rumor has surfaced that Jay Z will performing at a secret show in Brooklyn, tomorrow. Sources say that the show will be held at the Bushwick Collective at 421 Troutman Street in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. Along with Jay Z, two special guests are rumored to be on the bill, as well.

XXL will keep you informed if the rumors prove true.

UPDATE: If you are a Jay Z fan in NYC you might want to high tail it to Brooklyn. According to a tweet from RevoltTV, the secret Jay Z show that was rumored to be going down today is currently taking place at the Bushwick Collective in BK with guest appearances from Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. Not now, but right now. "Jay Z. Secret Show. Right now. 421 Troutman Street BK, NY. Special Guests said to be Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. #GetThere," they tweeted.

UPDATE #2: False alarm. RevoltTV has now retracted their earlier tweet announcing the Jay Z secret show is currently going down at Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn. "Please disregard our previous statement about the Jay Z show. We will keep you updated with further details. Apologies to all waiting in BK," they typed. We apologize for any confusion.