There's no sense in fighting it any longer—Drake has, is and will continue to dominate rap, and we're going to have to openly accept it. And as he showed us earlier this week with his 2 Chainz- and Big Sean-assisted new single, his peers have accepted it too, as their verses on Drake's single got them more attention than anything they've put out as of late (no shots at "Feds Watching"). So, as we continue to think about our past and our future and about how nothing was the same or will ever be the same, we'll do our best to pretend that other things in this hip-hop game matter.

For example, this week the previously-mentioned Big Sean released his new single "Fire" and its video, which stars rap nerd Miley Cyrus; the legendary Goodie Mob returned with a new song and video; and RiFF RaFF stopped by our offices to talk about being taken seriously (seriously).

In our weekly column called In The Cut, the diversely opinionated XXL staff celebrates another lively week in hip-hop and picks some of their favorite releases from the past week. Until next week—keep it Drakey, rap fans.