Iggy Azalea Finds A New Home At Def Jam And Hits The Road With Beyoncé

You are going on tour with Beyoncé in the fall.
It’s crazy that I already knew for about six weeks before I could tell anyone. It’s the hardest secret I ever had to keep in my fucking life. I was scared that if I told anyone and it got out, they would axe me off the tour or something. [Laughs] And that would be the ultimate embarrassment. I should just keep my mouth shut. I just can’t believe that ended up happening. I think it’s so amazing. They came to my shows in New York that I did at the Bowery Ballroom, they came both nights in a row. I guess they were impressed by them. The day after my last show at Bowery, they called and asked if I wanted to go on tour. Of course I said yes. It was such a shock that she would even ask me. Very cool.

I’ve never met her. I’ve met a lot of people around her. I met her management and her mom. People like that because of course we did Chime For Change together. I got a chance to meet all the people around her. I heard she was a fan and liked what I was doing with my music. And then she sent some people down to watch the show. They called and told us that she personally asked if I could open for Australia. I can’t wait to meet her. I am really excited, so I can tell her thank you!

And you’re going back to Australia. It’s probably been a while.
It’s a pretty good way to go home I think. It’s funny because I was speaking with Nas actually just the other day. I was supposed to go with him on tour to Australia earlier this year. I didn’t like the lineup because there were a few other people on this tour with us. Like five or six people and I was filling in for somebody else. Angel Haze. She dropped off the tour, so I had to take the slot. I didn’t like it was so early in the set because I just felt like even though I wanted to continue the tour with Nas, I felt like if I want to go back with my country, I want to go back with a bang. I want to be in a great position in the lineup. It ended up the tour got cancelled. He was saying a few days ago, ‘It’s really worked out. I think this is the best way you can go back to Australia and you said you wanted to go back the right way and with a bang.’ I think Beyoncé is the best way. [Laughs]

What’s the first thing you’ll do when you get home?
The first thing I’ll do when I get home…I’m not sure. I think we end up in Melbourne first. I am not really familiar with Melbourne. My family all live in Sydney, close to Byron Shire. But, there’s going to be two days off. After Byron Shire, I am going to go home back to my hometown of Mullumbimby. I am inviting everybody that I am on tour with that I know quite closely. They are all going to come and stay out on the beach. Getting to go home and show everybody that I know where I live because they never been to Australia. They definitely haven’t seen where I live and I talk about it all the time. So I am just really excited to get to take them and show them like, ‘this the shop where I go eat lunch at!’ and ‘this is where I went to high school!’ ‘This is where I used to hang out!’ I just want to show them all that stuff and show them around. I am always an outsider in a way. Everywhere I go, I am always visiting. It’ll be cool to show the people I am with that this is exactly—I am not a visitor here—this is exactly where I am from.

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    She’ll come back satanic, and with ties to the Illuminati. Too bad, I had hope for her.

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    This girl is so fake. I dont see how anyone takes her serious. Epic Fail on MTV’s part.

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