‘Hard Core’ Revisited: Lil Kim’s 25 Best Bars From Her Debut


It’s been almost 17 years since Lil Kim delivered her raunchy solo debut Hard Core. The album was executive produced by Puff Daddy and the Notorious B.I.G., but the impact of the songs didn’t solely lie in the lush production or the clever lyrics; Kim’s delivery was the driving point. Females in rap rarely took the chances to say the things Kim said on wax—from an overpriced lifestyle to leaving sexual inhibitions at the bedroom door. Lil Kim simply didn’t care what you thought, and the result was a Hard Core debut. As Lil’ Kim readies Hard Core 2K13: Back To Da Streets, XXL revisits some of the punchy bars brought forth from the original Hard Core, from the original Queen Bee. – KI

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  • Kenny Blanco

    Queen. <3

  • SoulAtlantic

    Y’all definitely could have done a better job with these lyrics, cause there are errors on top of errors.

  • UK_QB4Life

    The hardcore lyrics out shine a whole lot of rappers male and female. It’s not fair to say as a fact that BIG wrote the lyrics, he obvs stepped in the booth to show his artist how to spit verses.
    Every producer and rap act Kim has worked with has said she writes her own shit, Mob deep said she wrote the Quiet Storm lyrics in 10 minutes, she wrote tracks fro Diddy and BIG used to force her to write even when she was tired so cut the BIG wrote her lyrics stuff and this article is awesome!

  • king dingaling

    “I be flirtin’ for certain, wearing shorts skirts but, there aint no dicks insertin’/ see thats the difference tween’ me and other bitches, they fuck to get they riches/ I fuck to bust a nut, Lil’ Kim not a slut!/i got a reputation to look out for, plus my Boss is a OUTLAW!!!”