Gunplay Details His Struggle With Drugs – XXL Issue 150

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Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
Gunplay details his struggles with drugs.
As told to Eric Diep
Images David Walter

Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the September 2013 issue of XXL Magazine.

Gunplay_150I started with weed and then tried coke, pills and everything else. I’m the type of brother that does drugs and don’t let the drugs do me. Coke was always there. I started coke at 16. I quit at 28. Everything I did, it made me who I am.

I might have banged my head against the wall a few times, but I had to do that shit or I wouldn’t get the picture.

I ain’t gonna say I am sober like that, like that. I just quit the cocaine. Don’t get it twisted. [But] having a sober mind, it does good for a lot of things. Like your perspective. You’re not thinking on a drug-induced emotion. You’re stable.

[When I do have urges to use cocaine], I snort the molly. I did coke [for] so long, it’s not that I got praise for the cocaine, but once I realized that I could do molly the same way I do coke? I wanted to do it like that.

With rap, [drugs] is always going to be part of my subject matter because it’s part of me. I’m not compromising my music for my fans by doing some shit that I don’t want to do just ’cause it’s going to sell good. Fuck your market. Fuck your region. Once I know I feel right, knowing my fans, they see that I am speaking truth. I’m not trying to be the next Tupac. I am just trying to be Richard Morales. Love me, or leave me alone.

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  • Mike Day

    So good to hear he’s clean. Oh wait, he’s not. Wait, what was the point?


    hes trash 50 gonna beat you again tweeker..

  • strikaboy

    got to respect this nigga.