The legendary quartet Goodie Mob caught up with Power 105's Breakfast club updating on the old, the new and a little in-between. Amid talking about their upcoming album Age Against The Machine, the group gave insight to what led to their 2002 break-up, recording their first about in Curtis Mayfield's home, and the issues with the content of today's music.

When asked what prompted the break up in 2002 Khujo responded, "The record label they didn't respect our music anymore, that's what I could say.I guess they wanted to go a whole different type of way and they know Goodie Mob, we legendary we're trendsetters. We like to uplift the culture. That's what we were doing. We were fitting to come back out and drop the hammer on the nail and they were f*cking scared".

Although the differences with the record label was the major factor in the split, Cee-Lo also added the group had their issues as well. "We ended up talking through it, further explained Cee-Lo. "Around the time Jo was injured of course. People may know that he was injured in an accident and lost one of his major limbs. Lost a leg to it. I want to just commend him because Jo been our rock and he really brought us back together. A lot of the time it's not about what kill you, it's about what you gotta live with".

The group also touched on the presently popular topic of the issues with the current stance of the music industry. Following Big Gipp, T-Mo addressed the topic saying "It's like really Goodie Mob cares about their music. From the beginning when it was just us, there weren't many hip hop groups coming from Atlanta at that time. We kind of broke the ground, broke new turf for our territory. We really put it up on our shoulders to try to say something positive. Something that was gonna last. Something that was gonna stick in the industry. Something that we would be respected for, up here per-say. We wanted people in New York to be like look we respect them for saying something."Wow they said something on this record, They didn't just try to come with anything to make us dance and sing and shout".

As for the new album the group dubbed it as "Cosmic food for the soul" and Cee- Lo was adamant about expressing "We're still a fierce competition as far as hip hop is concerned".

Age Against The Machine drops August 27.