Earlier this week, rumors of Kanye West's alleged desire to place his daughter, North West, on the cover of Vogue made headlines. Those plans might have been spoiled as photos of Kim and Kanye's daughter have the hit internet this morning.

TMZ has acquired photos of Kanye West and his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, walking through an airport with their daughter in tow. Although North's baby carriage is covered with a blanket, TMZ is claiming that they are the "first photos" of the couple's daughter to be seen since Kim gave birth back in June.

Speculation on, when and if, the power couple's first official photos of their daughter will be released has reach fever pitch in recent weeks. It has been reported that the couple has turned down several million dollars by various publications looking to acquire the photos but thus far, nothing official has emerged.

You can see the photo gallery of his daughter at TMZ's website.

[Via TMZ]